Change of consultancy?

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Change of consultancy

Things to bear in mind when changing consultancy and how to do it quickly and easily.

It seems that there is never a good time to change consultancy or agency. Taxes, payroll, accounting, open lawsuits… It is difficult to decide when. The first quarter of the year is the best time to change, but the process is much simpler than it seems and in the long term it is always beneficial to change for the better and to have a professional team by your side.

Why change consultancy?

The most common reasons why clients come to our doors are diverse, perhaps you recognise yourself in one of them.

  1. The business has grown and running it directly is no longer an option and you are looking for someone to help you grow.
  2. You are missing a full service professional with experience in different areas. For example, perhaps your manager is a good tax advisor, but does not have a lawyer on the team who can help you with employment issues.
  3. A serious mistake has been made that has resulted in fines or penalties.
  4. You do not find the service-price ratio satisfactory.
  5. You don’t feel well looked after and there is no real flow of communication.
  6. Your current agency is stuck in the past, does not inform you regularly of new developments and new regulations, does not offer alternative ways of working such as video calls or the use of whatsapp.

Factors to take into account when making a change of consultancy or accountancy firm

It is important to think about what you are really looking for and what you really need. In the past, a business could grow considerably without major bureaucratic problems, but nowadays the requirements and obligations are piling up. Digital certificates, direct debit payments, compulsory accident insurance policies, equality plans, time registration, data protection, the list goes on and on. It is critical to have someone by your side to help you spot minimise risks. Other important issues:

  • Online service, face-to-face service or both? 2020 has shown us that having a good structure to deliver the online service is critical. Also consider whether you need face-to-face contact or whether phone calls, video calls and emails are means you can or want to use.
  • What experience and training do the staff of your agency have, do they have lawyers, tax experts, social graduates on staff, and do they have experience with clients in your sector or size?
  • References: through Google maps, their own website or by contacting current clients you can get an idea of the kind of services they offer.
  • Approachable and professional: have an interview with the people who will be handling your account but also the rest of the team. For example, you may only need tax support now but if you have employees in the future it is important to know that your new agency can provide competent services in the labour area as well.
  • Liability and professional registration. The absence of both is a bad sign. Always look for a diverse team of professionals who are registered and covered by professional indemnity insurance.
  • Get a clear quotation for the service provided. If you don’t understand the fees, ask questions and make sure you are getting the service you need. Full accounting? Just declarations? Support in lawsuits and inspections?
  • Added value. Take into account other factors such as their online presence, the sending of articles of interest or the use of management tools.

How to change consultancy easily?

Contact your current consultancy, let them know (we recommend you do it in writing, an email is usually enough) that you are going to stop using their services and set a date. For example,

  • Agree on the last month that they must submit the pay slips and clarify that they must submit the Social Security payments corresponding to them the following month.
  • Agree on the date by which they must hand in the past accounts or which are the last declarations they must present (in companies it is critical to establish who must present the accounting books, annual accounts and company tax of your company for the previous year if they have not yet been presented).

Give us the contact details and we will take care of the transfer of information and digital data. Verify that you revoke your digital authorisations with the Treasury, Treasury Department and other bodies. Take care of the transfer of the digital certificate, if there is one.

Start working with us and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you are well advised!

What documentation should my old manager give me?

In order to make the change you will need to collect the necessary information and documents from your old manager. We will help you decide what these are as it varies depending on the activity and time of year when the transfer takes place. We can contact your former manager to arrange the transfer.

Much of the necessary data such as old taxes or payroll summaries can be downloaded from public bodies with the appropriate credentials so don’t worry if you find you can’t get all this information.

We can help you.

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