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Your company, community of goods or association as an entity needs protection, expert advice and a good legal basis to function smoothly.

Our team of lawyers, tax experts and accountants are at your disposal to guide and advise you in any type of operation that your company or business needs.

Our professional solutions in the commercial and corporate field can help you in the process of setting up your business project.

We guide you defining the most flexible way to start up your project with the best legal guarantee. Trading companies, associations, foundations, communities of goods or joint ventures are, among others, different ways to give legal personality to your organisation. We define the most suitable one for each project.

We help you to protect the specific knowledge of your business. Intellectual property and the value of a brand as an intangible asset must be properly protected now more than ever.

We look after your corporate interests by drafting or reviewing the contracts that regulate each company’s relations with third parties. Whether suppliers, clients or franchisees, strategic advice and correct negotiation are key to preventing conflicts.

We deal with this complex process, which allows to identify risks in the process of buying and selling companies, investment rounds or changes in the administrative body.

From the design of the strategy to the execution of the operation, you can count on us for all kinds of situations. From negotiation of purchase and sale in real estate, earnest money contracts, turnkey contracts or lease-back operations; to the constitution of real and personal guarantees; also in domain files, registry and cadastral regularisations of real estate; to studies on urban planning uses, urban planning licences and administrative authorisations in general.

With us you can outsource the management of the company secretary’s office, such as the preparation of minutes of meetings, certificates of powers of attorney, amendments to articles of association or transfers of registered offices, among others. 

The certainty of effectively complying with corporate obligations is critical when it comes to safeguarding the liability of administrators and directors. We also have wide experience advising minority shareholders who seek to have their interests defended.

In this area, where we have direct personal experience, we offer a comprehensive service where we not only analyse the purely commercial and tax situation but also the personal dynamics in order to find the path that guarantees the success of the next generation. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to a common phenomenon in the national business fabric that needs to be protected. In addition, we assist in the negotiation, drafting and implementation of tailor-made family protocols, advise on the management of family assets and the succession of the family business.

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Marc Fargas Esteve


Marta Calatayud Drets

Responsible Consulting Area. Lawyer.

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Consulting Area. Lawyer.

Questions and answers

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Yes, it is possible to set up a company with a single partner and director. Our experts will analyse whether this is the best alternative for your specific situation.

Of course. From a legal and strategic point of view, we can help you to define a family protocol that allows the company to grow and advance and, therefore, family life is maintained on a personal level, thus protecting the business for future generations.

Intellectual property must be protected and we can help you, for example by registering your trademark as well as preparing contracts with your customers and suppliers that protect your business from copying and competitors.

Unless you live in a tax haven, that is impossible. But the right business and tax strategy will allow you to have the structure your business needs, with the optimum level of liability and tax burden.

Of course there are ways to do that, but we recommend that you always consult a specialist. Especially if there are partners or personal assets, it is very important to foresee possible conflicts or derivations of liability.

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Royal Horse Club Llavaneras
Royal Horse Club Llavaneras
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Their lawyers have helped us with specific legal problems and we won both cases. Very satisfied with the treatment received.
Angus Real Estate Management
Angus Real Estate Management
Read More
As owners of real estate properties living abroad we struggle to understand Spanish taxes and laws. Blegal and Bgestio take care of the day to day with a strategic view in mind. With them, we know we can forget about everything and just enjoy the extra income of our rentals in Spain.
Impuls Barcelona
Impuls Barcelona
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Bgestio gives us a comprehensive service that covers our day to day tax and accounting and takes care of our employees. In addition, the Blegal team was very helpful in preparing the contracts we needed to start our activity as a business center and coworking. They are very easy to work with.
El Banquet de Premià
El Banquet de Premià
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Great professionals and a super friendly treatment. Each person who has dealt with us in labor, tax, legal or recently with the insurance issue has solved the problem quickly without hesitation.
Centro Médido Estético y Quirúrgico PILO
Centro Médido Estético y Quirúrgico PILO
Read More
We have been working with the Blegal and Bgestió team for more than a year and I can only say: we are very fortunate to find a team like them! Their willingness, professionalism, humanity and, above all, their ability to stay ahead of events have earned my full confidence! Really now our company is with the greatest possible peace of mind in ALL aspects.

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We advise, solve and manage all types of tax, labor, commercial and legal procedures for individuals, self-employed, small and medium-sized companies.

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As a legal partner, we offer you a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals and solve problems in your business and in your life.

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Our team of lawyers, tax experts and accountants work together to minimise risks by optimising resources with rigorous control of the tax and legal obligations.

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