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Partner firms

Count on us to increase your income and increase your client loyalty by joining our network of collaborating firms.

Comprehensive legal support for agencies, consultancies, property administrators and other professional firms.

We help you to cover the legal needs of your clients from the very beginning, in a professional and transparent manner. Whether by video conference, in visits to your own offices or by telephone, you can offer your clients direct contact with lawyers specialising in the areas of practice that most affect your client portfolio.

We personalise the service for each case, carefully studying each member of our network of collaborating law firms to offer the best service:

  • Face-to-face consultations with a lawyer, social worker or tax advisor in your office, in our offices or by videoconference.
  • Special discounts on legal actions to be carried out in defence of your clients’ rights and interests.

Therefore, any professional office can benefit from an action like this, which will allow you to expand the services you offer your clients without having to assume labour costs. Download this document for more information on how the support service works and the guarantees we offer you.

  • Chartered professionals with proven experience.
  • Compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Collaboration included in a collaboration agreement.
  • Attractive commissions for your firm.
  • No strict competition.

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