Partial reopening of group offices

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One more week.

The state of emergency has been extended until the 25th of April. What does this mean?

Given that the compulsory paid leave from the 30th March to the 9th of April has ended, the situation in legal terms as to who can and cannot open is the same as it was on the 29th of March: the establishments, indicated in the decree declaring the state of alarm, must remain closed. The rest will be able to open as long as they can maintain adequate security conditions (the usual ones, and additional health conditions). The impediment to the presentation of ERE/ERTE has also ended.

Remember that, in any case, workers must carry the company’s certificate indicating: the need to travel, the address of origin and destination and the timetable; as well as their own responsible declaration (link). The first issued and signed by the company, the second by the worker him/herself.

In this link you have the frequently asked questions published by Civil Protection (link), we recommend you consult them. As well as this practical infographic from InfoBAE on how the virus survives on different surfaces.

For our part, our offices will reopen from next Thursday 16th, (reduced opening hours from the 9th to 14th) ,in order to receive the necessary documentation for the fulfilment of tax obligations and other essential procedures. We are taking extreme precautions to protect our employees: – Any documentation brought to us must be handed in without plastic bags and deposited where indicated by the staff. – Our staff will not handle any documentation until at least 24 hours after its delivery. – Keep a minimum distance of two metres from anyone inside and outside the office at all times. – Avoid handling and/or touching surfaces beyond the door. – Try, as far as possible, to send documentation by telematic means (email, WhatsApp, fax).

You will find that the number of staff in our offices will be reduced. Those employees in or cohabiting with people in risk groups, with school children or who need to take public transport to get to work will remain in 100% teleworking mode to minimise risks for all. We also increase office cleaning and disinfection measures and ask you to avoid using the toilet or water fountain if possible. If you would like to meet with a team member who is not in the office, you can always do so by video conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have, please do!

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