Offer for homeowners

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Offer for homeowners

The changes to the rental law that have come into force with the state of emergency make it even more important to monitor these situations closely and regularly. That is why we bring you this offer for landlords and landlords.

  • Your tenant isn’t paying?
  • Do you have a squatter and don’t know what to do?
  • You don’t know who has to take out the insurance, you or the tenant?
  • Do you have doubts about which taxes you have to file as a landlord?
  • A registered property manager like us can take care of managing your rentals from start to finish and save you headaches.

A registered property manager like us can take care of managing your rentals from start to finish and save you headaches.

And with our legal support team, if the time comes to take legal action such as eviction, you’ll be prepared and able to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Tailor-made offer for landlords

This offer for landlords has two service options to suit your requirements

  1. Full property management service and preparation of tax returns from 120 € per quarter.
    • We manage bills and possible non-payments.
    • We control regular expenses such as utilities, property tax, insurance, etc. and prepare the settlements in the frequency you prefer.
    • We manage claims and help you to find the best cover for your property.
    • We are the interlocutor with the tenant so that you can forget about calls and messages.
    • We carry out and file your rental taxes.
  2. Tax support for landlords.
    • A basic service for landlords with a single, stable tenant who pays on time and does not need direct supervision.
    • We do and file your rent-related taxes with the data you provide starting at 75€ per quarter.

For example, in situations such as repeated non-payment by a tenant or the existence of squatters our general recommendation is to file for eviction

If the tenant or occupant proves his or her vulnerability, the procedure will be suspended but only until the state of alarm is over.

Do not hesitate to contact our property management department and find out what we can do for you.

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