Compilation of aids

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Compilation of aids

The various administrations are trying to alleviate the effects that the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 virus affecting us is having on companies and citizens. Attached is a brief compilation of aid for your reference.

We are faced with a myriad of aid and/or subsidies from different administrations with different criteria and budgets, and even with the same purpose.

Below is a list of some of these aids, but we recommend that you consult at least one of them:

  • The Town Hall of your place of residence,
  • The Town Hall of your company’s place of work
  • The corresponding Autonomous Community
  • The Ministries and Ministries whose scope of action affects your sector of activity.

Let us remind you that we are maintaining our cadence, due to the large amount of news, we are limiting our frequency of publication and/or sending of circulars so that when we send you something, you know that it is relevant. All and all, if we constantly keep our social networks up to date, where the rate of publication is much higher and sometimes faster.

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Of course, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on a specific measure, we can help you and take the necessary steps.

Aid in the personal field

The Generalitat de Catalunya has an aid portal where you can also find aid from various public bodies: “Activem Catalunya, Ayudas para paliar la crisis” (Activem Catalunya, Aid to alleviate the crisis).

The bono social de electricidad provides discounts of 25% or 40% on electricity bills. Until 30 June 2021.

Benefit for 6 months of approximately 776 euros for artists registered in the General Regime for Artists in public performances. Until 31 January 2021.

People who are affected by a temporary employment regulation plan (ERTE) do not need to register for unemployment.

A deduction is established in the autonomous quota of personal income tax to mitigate the effect of the obligation to declare (“make the income”) for having two payers (employment and unemployment due to ERTE).

Benefit for families that can be applied for from 15 June and is compatible with other benefits. Until 31 December.

430 euros aid for 3 months (November, December and January).

Depending on when the taxable events were generated, one deadline or another is established for the self-assessment.

Evictions of people in vulnerable situations are limited until 31 January 2021.

Suspension of the invoicing of rental contracts for flats and commercial premises in the Generalitat’s public housing stock from April until the exceptional situation lasts.

Temporary and extraordinary deferral of rent payment or 50% reduction for tenants of large landlords, companies or public housing that does not belong to the Generalitat.

Aid for businesses and entrepreneurs

These are numerous and in many cases very specific in terms of sector, activity or requirement. The Generalitat maintains a portal where it lists several grants by sector, although the list may not be exhaustive: “Canal empresa”.

In Barcelona City Council there are also several grants, some of them collected in “Barcelona never stops“.

We highlight:

A grant of up to €5,000 from Barcelona City Council for companies located in the metropolitan area that hire people registered in the city.

Financial aid aimed at landlords who have been forced to reduce the rent to their tenants. The amount of the subsidy is 600 € if the owners reduce the amount between 25% and 50%, and 1,200 € if the reduction is more than 50%.

Grants with a fixed amount of €750, aimed at professionals and technicians in the performing arts, visual arts, music and audiovisual, and other activities suspended by the COVID-19.

  • Subsidies for catering Beauty and Cosmetics

Self-employed professionals and companies that provide restoration activities or that are owners of an aesthetic and beauty centre, registered in the census of the economic activities tax, that have been obliged to close down according to the Resolution SLT/2546/2020. They can receive 100% of the eligible expenditure up to a maximum of 1.500€/applicant. Applications to be presented by 12th of November.

It is foreseeable that there will be more grants and/or measures in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us and check them out.

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