Criminal lawyer, civil, mercantilist, bankruptcyB·Legal is a unique place where you can find them all, together, generating transversal solutions that cover all areas. Your “family doctor” for legal matters.

Real estate, mutual funds, start-ups, loans… a myriad of issues, a myriad of specialists. Or a single solution: B·Legal.
My company, two divorces, shared custody, half-built house… a myriad of problems. One solution: B·Legal.

My legal department, my tax department… Who helps them? Who forms them? B·Legal.


Whether you have or not your own legal or tax department, there will always be issues that will require another pair of eyes, a technical report or the advice of a professor in the field.

B·Legal is your travel companion in the business world, so that’s why we propose a very personal relationship: bringing to your company the specialists you need to complement the capabilities of your departments, providing breadth of knowledge and experience; And to hold periodic meetings with the specialists of the sectors that may affect him or her in order to seek transversals solutions to the problems that may arise and even anticipate them.


Imagine: Rings the bell.

Five tax inspectors, three customs agents, nine actuaries, all accompanied by uniformed police, pull down the door of your office. Today is the Treasury Inspection. Tomorrow might be the Labor Inspectorate.

A trade union picket line… The business world is full of challenges and, therefore, opportunities. You just need a trusted team to meet those challenges as they come up so you can anticipate them and be prepared for it.

Reductions of staff, collective dismissal, union elections, sale or closing of company, retirement Rely on B·Legal team.


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